Information on the 2017 - 2018 Peartland Western Downs Triathlon Series here.

A triathlon consists of a swim leg, followed by a cycle leg and then a run leg.

TTC Highfields triathlons are held at the Highfields Aquatic Centre. Click here for location on Google maps.
TTC Helidon triathlons are held at Brauer's Helidon Ski Lake, 146 Lawlers Rd, Helidon. View location on Google Maps here

 2016 - 2017  TTC Triathlon Dates 
Date Event  Location   Register/Results
 16/10/16   Triathlon 1   Highfields  Results
20/11/16  Triathlon 2
DD Trials 


11/12/16  Triathlon 3    Highfields  Results
15/01/17  Triathlon 4   Highfields
 Moved from Helidon due lack of water in ski park lake 
 12/02/17  Triathlon 5 Highfields
 Moved from Helidon due lack of water in ski park lake 
  2/04/17   Triathlon 6  Highfields
 Moved from Helidon due lack of water in ski park lake 


Highfields Triathlon Event Details
 Event  Min
Swim## Cycle Run  Course 
 Distance   Lengths   Distance   Laps   Distance 
A 14   750 m 
 30   20 km 
 5     5 km  View
B 14   600 m 
 24   16 km 
 4     4 km 
C 13  400 m
 16   12 km 
 3     3 km  View
D 10  200 m
  8     4 km   1     1 km  View
 E^   7     100 m      4      1 km      500 m  View
 F^   5      50 m     2     500 m       100 m    View 
 Time  Description
 5:00am–6:00am   Setup
 5:30am–6:15am  Registration & bike racking 
 6:15am  Race briefing
 6:30am  Events F & E start
 6:40am  Approx. start Event D waves 
 6:50am  Approx. start Event C waves 
 7:10am  Approx. start Event B waves 
 7:30am  Approx. start Event A waves 
 9:30am  Approx. finish of events*
 9:30am-10:30am   Pack up
 Race Fees
 Event  TTC   TA  TBYB 
 A, B, C & D   $15   $25     $15
 E & F    $5  $15      $5
##Swim leg is in the outdoor 25 m pool at the Highfields Aquatic Centre with waves of up to 16 participants. 


Helidon Triathlon Event Details
 Event  Min
Swim Cycle Run  Course 
 Distance   Laps    Distance   Laps    Distance 
O 15   1500 m 
 2   40 km 
2   10 km  View
 A  14   750 m 1 20 km 1   5 km View
B 14    600 m 
1  16 km 
1    4 km 
C 13   400 m
1  12 km 
1    3 km  View
D 10   200 m
 1     4 km   1     1 km  View
  E^ 7   100 m  1   1 km 1 500 m  View
  F^ 5      50 m  1 500 m  1 100 m View
 Time  Description
 5:00am–6:00am   Setup
 5:30am–6:15am  Registration & bike racking 
 6:15am  Race briefing
 6:30am  Events F & E start
 6:40am  Approx. start Event D
 6:45am  Approx. start Event C
 6:50am  Approx. start Event B
 6:55am  Approx. start Event A
 7:00am  Approx. start Event O
 10:50am  Approx. finish of events*
 10:50am-12:30pm   Pack up
 Race Fees
 Event  TTC   TA  TBYB 
 E & F  $5  $15    $5
 A, B, C & D   $15   $25     $15
 O~  $40   $50    $40

 #Min Age is the youngest age in years calculated on the 31/12/16 that the participant can be to compete in the event.
^Kids events E & F require an adult to accompany the child on the bike leg.
Entry fees for the Olympic Distance event (O) will be $40 per participant for TTC members.
~If you have paid for the seasons race fees you will need to pay an additional $25 to enter the Olympic distance event.

All start times are approximate and vary due setup delays and number of waves per event.
All participants must be present at registration, race briefing and wave call.
Events will not be delayed if particpants are not present.

To participate you are required to be a current season Toowoomba Triathlon Club (TTC) member or a current Triathlon Australia (TA) member or sign up for Tri-Before-You-Buy.

Race fees are paid during the online registration process if you have not already prepaid them. 
Members who have paid race fees upfront will be sent a coupon code to remove race fees for events A-F or reduce race fees for event O by $15. 

Highfields Cycle Course - Events A to D

Highfields Run Course - Events A to D

 Helidon Swim Course
Helidon Cycle Course
Helidon Run Course
Helidon Events E & F Course Maps