Are you thinking that you would like to have a go at triathlons and/or duathlons?
Not sure if you will continue after the first event.

Toowoomba Triathlon Club is an affiliated Triathlon Queensland club and offer Tri-Before-You-Buy (TBYB).
Tri-Before-You-Buy allows non-members to attend two events consecutive in the season for $20 for the 8 weeks + the race fee per race. There are no race fees for Duathlons. More information on race fees are available here.

To use TBYB register for the Toowoomba Triathlon Club race and you will be guided throught the TBYB registration and payment process.
After you register for TBYB you will receive a $20 discount code off your 2016 - 2017 season membership. 

Terms and Conditions 

  • Tri-Before-You-Buy is for a maximum period of 8 weeks from the first participation attendance and is for club / squad conducted or endorsed training sessions, events and races.
  • There is a $20 ODM registration fee from October 1, 2014. Should a TBYB participant decide to take up full annual membership at the end of the trial period this $20 will be deducted from the total cost. This fee is non-refundable.
  • In the case of a sanctioned club / squad event or race, the applicable ODM fee (as per the schedule in the Triathlon Australia national sanctioning document), is payable by the non-club member participant per event/race
  • In the case of a training session there is no fee applicable per session (the $20 ODM covers the 8 weeks regardless of the number of sessions)
  • The paying of an ODM will afford the participant access to the Triathlon Australia arranged personal accident, public liability and third party indemnity  insurance policy for the duration of the specified session, event or race
  • In ALL cases the club / squad is required to maintain a register of all non-member participants who attend a training session, event or race. These details are to include name, age, address and email details. These details are to be registered online within 7 days of the training session, event or race taking place
  • An individual may only use one ‘Tri-before-you-buy’ period of  8 weeks per membership season. At the end of this 6 weeks the individual concerned may only continue to participate in club / squad conducted or endorsed training sessions, events or races by becoming a club member and a member of Triathlon Australia 

TBYB participants who wish to upgrade to a full annual membership will receive a $20 discount on their fees*