Toowoomba Tri Club strives to provide a race experience equivalent to any of the high profile triathlon events held throughout QLD and Australia. To be in a position to offer this level of Race at a local venue, TTC continually strives to invest in improved equipment and assets. In addition to the clubs usual efforts, additional funds for this continual club upgrade are often sought through several of the Sports Funding Grants.
Electronic Timing Equipment: In 2007/2008 TTC was fortunate to receive Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant (No: 625858) for the purchase of Dual Antenna RFID electronic timing equipment.


Tandem Bicycles:
As part of TTC‘s Inclusion Program, the club sought to purchase equipment to facilitate participation by Athletes with a Disability and coordination compromised people to become more active in sports involving cycling. In 2014, the Queensland Government provided $10,000 to Toowoomba Triathlon Club to purchase 2 Duratec Tandem Road Racing Bicycles to increase Queenslanders participation in sport and recreation activities.


Multi-purpose Secure Storage Facility: In contrast to sports like football, netball, cricket, etc., there are a number of very important clubs in the greater Toowoomba area, such as Bikeline Racing, Toowoomba Cycling Club, Toowoomba Mountain Bike Club, Toowoomba Road Runners and many others like ours that do not have permanent facilities and the storage that often is associated with conduct of sports activities at such facilities.
TTC owns and maintains a large quantity of equipment, crucial to the proper and safe functioning of the sport, which is needed to be stored securely.
In 2014, through funds granted via the Community Benefit Gambling Fund ($33,450) along with contributions from Toowoomba Regional Council ($15,000), Toowoomba Triathlon Club, Bikeline Racing and Toowoomba Cycling Club, a Storage facility was constructed at the Toowoomba Criterium Track and now provides TTC and other clubs, an 8 bay facility in which we can conveniently store and maintain our equipment secure from theft, vandalism and weather damage.